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​​​​​​TronX-FTS 0.2


 * Product is for B2B only                       * Price is approximate 


Hyderabad-based TronX Motors has joined hands with Freego Global to launch an electric scooter, the FTS.02. Exclusively designed for B2B customers such as tech parks, college campuses, etc., the electric scooter will be available for orders

The FTS.02 has a swappable, IP67-rated battery pack that offers a range of up to 40 km. It has a 250-watt electric motor that allows it to achieve a top speed of 25 km/h. The rider can select from three riding modes. The FTS.02 also comes with smart IoT lock that can be used to monitor and track it. Other key features of the electric scooter comprise geo monitoring, remote motor locking, live battery status during charge and discharge.


The scooter features a LED light at the front and reflectors on either side of the wheels. The FTS.02 uses a disc brake at the rear and a stop indicator at the back. A QR code on the handlebar can be used to unlock and use the scooter. The QR code feature will come handy for rental businesses.

Tronx FTS.02

    • Swapable Battery Pack
    • Three riding Modes
    • Geo monitoring, remote motor locking
    • Live battery status during charge and discharge.


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