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SWAGTRON Swagcycle PRO - Electric Scooter


Featuring a foldable frame reinforced with durable metal, the SwagCycle Pro can support up to 129 kg and withstand water splashes with an IP54 rating, making this electric bicycle the ultimate joyride for all rough riders. Take the e-bike out for a spin through rain or shine and enjoy days of extraordinarily smooth rides with 12” front and 10” rear air-filled tires.

Swagtron Pro

    • Robust and foldable: The e bike’s sturdy frame can support up to 264 pounds and collapse its stem and handlebars for easy storage.
    • Extreme torque: Tackle speeds up to 18 mph via app optimization and climb inclines up to 12 degrees on a powerful zero emission motor.
    • Long lasting charge: A single charge lets you traverse up to 15.5 miles of thrilling adventures and new discoveries


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