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  • What is all about OZOebikes?
    ‘OZOEBIKES’ is the world’s first Electric two wheelers online research website for Electric Bicycles and Electric LUV (Light Utility Vehicles) in India primarily.
  • How can i use your online services?
    Log on to '' and search for the information about all electric vehicles available on our platform. Our auto-experts are always present to help you purchase new EVs in India. OZOEBIKES has launched many innovative features to ensure that users get an immersive experience of the various models before visiting a dealer showroom.
  • What kind of information is available about Electric Vehicles?
    It gives you an in-depth information on price alerts and offers about new electric Bicycles and also LUV mobility. You can compare any two wheeler motor cycles or any bicycles to decide which one bike to buy.
  • Whether can i order for your products online?
    At present OZOEBIKES is offering only information research facility on our online platform and very soon we will be comingup with online Order (purchase) services for all our customers.
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