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Felidae - Euras


Available on Prebooking Now @ INR 1,999/-

Frame sizes: Frame size 19" 

Wheel size: 26" &  27.5"

Colors:  Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Grey

Felidae Euras

  • Very quick on pedal, outstanding performance, and finest quality design.

    Motor 250W BLDC Motor
    Battery 7.8 Ah Li-ion Battery
    Display LCD Display
    Frame Chromoly Frame
    Gears 7-Speed Gear Box
    Suspension Suspension Fork
  • Cloud Connected GPS: 

      This device empowers eBike’s smart tracking system. It helps you for navigation, anti-theft alarm, capturing your ride data for analytics and pushes it to cloud.

    Powered by Lithium-ion Battery:

       Felidae battery power pack is built with Samsung 18650 cells. It is protected by a state-of-the-art Battery management system, which based on temperature, current and voltage sensors.

    Hill/Slope Assist:

       This is the best feature useful for riding ebike in mountain terrain. The ebike automatically senses the uphill regions, and boosts the torque. 

    Advanced Controller:

      Enjoy effortless biking with the Advanced Controller.  Controller ensures you have a smooth start, stop and transition between various 'Assist levels'.

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