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EMT Sports V2.1

  • ePowertrain

    System Specifications
    Hub Motor BLDC, 250 W

    Battery With

    Advance BMS

    • Li Ion, 36V-8.8AH
    • Cell Voltage, Temperature Monitoring And Control
    • Under Voltage, Over Voltage, short Circuit, Over Current protection
    • Smart Algorithm For Precision Charge Control
    • High Efficiency Sine-wave Motor Controller
    • Rugged And Water Resistant System
    • Smart Charger with Auto Cut-off Function
    • Portable Battery- Desk Charging
    • On-Board Charging
    User Interface Compact LCD Smart Display

    Per Charge


    30+ to 60+ km
    USB Port On Battery
    Charging Time 3-3:5 Hours



    0.3 Units per charge (5 paise per km)
    Power Mode
    • Pedal Assist
    • Cruise Mode
    • Walk Mode
    • Throttle (Optional)
    Frame M Size, Al Alloy 6061
    Wheel Double Walled Alloy Rims, 27.5”
    Speed 21 Speed (7*3)
    Derailleur Shimano Original Tourney Series
    Shifter Shimano Original M315 Series
    Brakes High Performance Disc Brakes
    Suspension Efficient suspension for smoother ride
    Tyre 27.5*1.95 High Performance Tyre
    Saddle Quick release, adjustable saddle
  • Special Features

    • Fully Built Premium e-Bicycle
    • Super-Finished Unisex Al Alloy Frame with Multispeed Transmission
    • High Perfromance BLDC Motor & Controller
    • Efficient & Compact Li Ion Battery with smart BMS for better performance


    Unique Features

    • Good alternative for individuals commuting less than 60 kms*
    • Safe: Water resistant design, Speed Limiting Function
    • Low maintenance cost
    • Makes cycling effortless and enjoyable, Cruise on demand
    • Long life and lightweight Lithium ion battery, Advance Battery Management System
    • High strength and lightweight Aluminium alloy frame
    • Become Healthy, Exercise on demand and eco-friendly.
    • Affordable: Running cost of less than 5 paise/km*.

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