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The LightSpeed Bamboochi Electric —lighter than aluminium, stronger than steel — made out of bamboo, and runs on a battery.
A one of a kind, made to order electric bicycle, whose frame geometry is designed and calibrated to suit every individual’s unique body structure.
Your purchase gives farmers an incentive to keep planting more bamboo trees, and helps their children get an education. While you save on fuel, you also end up saving the environment every time you ride your Bamboochi Electric. Our custom built Bamboochi Electric bicycles are made to order from the most tensile bamboo trees to complement individual body frames of our customers. Fitted with premium quality carbon fibre components and LightSpeed electronics, each final product weighs less than 16 kg and promises a balanced, comfortable ride.

The bamboo frame absorbs shocks and vibrations so well, it feels like riding an ergonomically designed, sustainable poetry in motion.
LightSpeed Bamboochi Electric’s biggest value offering is the unimaginably long range it can travel on a single full charge, owing to its lightweight frame.



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