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Model: EHX20

Series: Performance E-Cycle


Lectro EHX 20 is a centre motor powered Pedal Assist E-Cycles which runs on a combination of manual pedalling with battery assist. While climbing steep inclines or riding on flat surfaces, the product promises the trust of Hero & the performance of Yamaha delivering a consistent output making it a very reliable product.

Lectro EHX20

    • Centre Mount System with power unit & battery mounted close to the pedals
    • Triple Sensor System:
      • 1. Torque Sensor- detects pedalling power
      • 2. Speed Sensor- detects bicycle's speed
      • 3. Crank sensor- detects no. of rotations through pedalling
    • Display & Switches: Compact multi function meter having specs to satisfy all forms of riding
    • Upto 80 KMs range per charge
    • Colours: Black


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